Custom personalized hand stitched car wrapped steering wheel cover is worth for your choose

For the car owners, a soft steering wheel cover not only protects the steering wheel from wear, but also increases the feel and friction and prevents the hand from sweating and slipping.Enhances the sensitivity and safety of the car when driving. It plays a role in reducing absorption shock. The design of general high-end cars is reasonable in this respect, but many mid- and low-end cars lack this kind of humanized design. There are many types of steering wheel covers. If they are classified according to different materials, they can be divided into Artificial leather (PU leather), Genuine leather, Suede and Carbon fiber.

The special steering wheel cover for the special car is a new generation of steering wheel cover, which is more beautiful than the old rubber ring steering wheel cover. Because it is fixed directly on the steering wheel by means of direct sewing, it greatly increases the firmness of the steering wheel cover. And the rubber ring inside the old steering wheel cover is no longer used, thus reducing the thickness of the steering wheel cover itself.

Why you should choose custom hand stitched genuine leather car wrapped steering wheel cover perfectly fit around your steering wheel?

The original steering wheel cover sweats and slips, affects driving safety, the steering wheel is too thin, the hand feels poor, the leather is easy to wear, it is not convenient to replace, and the replacement price is expensive. If you have the custom made unique design hand sewing steering wheel cover, you will solve these problems.

1. The advanced material make you not feel hot in summer and feel cold in winter. It makes you have the comfortable driving experiences in the hottest summer and the icy wniter.

2. In summer, it has excellent sweat absorption performance, and because it is not hot, it will have less sweat.After sweating, there will be stronger grip, so there is no need to worry about slipping.

3.Easy to clean. Wipe clean with a damp towel every week or half a month.

4. personalized design for your cover steering wheel skin.

5. fashion design and unique styling make your steering wheel cover more ouststanding.

If you want to customize your own design leather suede stitched DIY car steering wheel wrapped cover, provides you the high quality steering cover with over 50 leather color, 40 suede color, 45 thread color for various kinds of car model, 100% Fit and best price guaranteed. Don't miss out.